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Starting in 2014, Dimp Digital is formed of a group of friends who love video games. Their passion of the industry has led them to create their own YouTube channel where they air opinions on games and the gaming world. They now have a weekly audio podcast reaching gamers from all over the world. They are not journalists or working for a big media firm. They are simply fans who want to air their views, create debate and connect with others who share this love. Join them in their journey as they document their ups and downs through the world of video games.

For Our Team It's not Just a Game, It's a True Passion!

The Dimp Digital editorial team is much more than just a bunch of friends, obsessed with video games.

For us it's a true passion. Our extensive game reviews, gaming industry news analytics and op-eds on the world of gaming are more of a journalism to us.

Our goal is to bring high standards of opinion (while keeping all the fun), while informing our readers on the latest developments in the gaming world!

Dimp Digital Team Members

Joe Apps


Founder of Dimp Digital, Apps loves his gaming. A fan of the big blockbusters, he spends the majority of his time on the PS4 for the third party games. Exclusives on both PC and Xbox One will tear away from his comfortable Sony bubble, as will an indie gem. Interesting Fact: Apps has never owned a Nintendo console.


Achievement Hunter and Professor of Nintendo at Dimp Digital Undoubtedly the best gamer of the Dimp Digital crew. Hall loves achievements, Nintendo, and collecting old video game memorabilia.

Mr. Piper

The most underutilised member of the Dimp Digital team! Mr. Piper (Paper) likes to spend his time between the PS4 and Steam. You will always see him back the indie games across all platforms but will sink his teeth into the correct AAA game.

Best Game(s) Ever: GTA V & Guild Wars 2 Worst Game Ever: Watchdogs


Probably the most controversial and infuriating member of Dimp Digital. Loves gaming, hates being scared. Will never see him on P.T.

Give him a FPS and he's away. Currently the owner of a 360, XBONE, PS4, Wii and Laptop.

RIP Call of Duty.


King Achievement/Trophy Hunter!

A proud member of the PC Master Race, Adkins enjoys most of his preferred action adventure games on this platform, whilst also dabbling into the PS4 world for exclusive titles.

With Xbox achievement scores such as 63,245, Adkins likes to keep one step ahead of Hall at all times.


Former member of the PC Master Race, now turned Console Peasant.

Destiny addict and occasional Counter Striker. Will write articles for Strange Coins.



Ex-achievement hunter turned Dad Gamer.

Best Game Franchise Ever: NBA 2K
Worst Game Franchise Ever: Final Fantasy

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